Courage: mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty



Courage….many times people think of it when envisioning or seeing a firefighter rush into a burning building or when a police officer comes face to face with the criminals or the world.  Well, what about in our own personal daily lives?

As members of the LGBT community, finding courage sometimes can be hard, often times it’s hard.  For me as a Gemini, I already argue with myself internally as most Geminis  do but for an LGBT Gemini, it seems I must have received a double dose.  You have to realize that until someone is finally comfortable themselves with who they truly are, they will find it hard to find the courage to come out to anyone.

I can remember when I started my own coming out process I was scared, unsure of myself a bit and full of swirling questions in my mind…should I reveal to my friend that I’m gay? How will this friend react?  Will they even still be my friend when it’s all said and done?  Thats’s just a few….

What we need to remember whether gay, straight, transgender, bi or whatever you classify yourself as, is that everyone is different.  If you are coming out, it’s a process and everyone’s journey is different.  Some people never come out, not to anyone.  Some scream it from the proverbial mountaintops.  It’s a process.

The other thing about processes is….they take time.  If your boyfriend or girlfriend isn’t moving along fast enough for you, don’t push the issue.  If the shoe was on the other foot, you wouldn’t want the person you were with to do that to you.  It takes time and courage. So, be supportive.

Those of you who are out know what I’m saying and those of you who aren’t yet, will.  We face challenges, little bumps in the road…..just like anyone else regardless of sexual orientation, that’s part of life.  It takes courage to get up every morning and face the challenges of the day, some of us may face a few extra challenges.  Know your process is unique to you and the LGBT community, wherever you are, family extended family ready to welcome you in.

The question really is…….What will you decide to do with your day?


About gamom1972

Up until 2007, I was pretty much living my life as people had expected a good South Georgia girl to do. After many health issues and depression, I decided it was time to get real with myself and my life. I'm a mother, a wife, a follower of Christ, a photographer, graphic designer, accountant, a "Lady MacGyver" and a lesbian.

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